A suitable professional service for companies that need a creative, fast, reliable, autonomous and available graphic designer
to load their image and multiple requests.


GlobArt is a full service creative graphic studio. We partner with brands, marketing and communication agencies to create remarkable visuals and build companies images in many languages.

We can help you with:


Illustrator 93%
Indesign 98%
Photoshop 96%
Acrobat Pro 92%
PowerPoint 85%
Wix 85%
Wordpress 65%
Adobe Xd 85%


  • The briefing

    The first step is to get to know each other. To start with, we will draft a portrait of your structure, answering simple questions: How do you define your company, What are your values, who are your customers?, what message you would like to deliver, who are your competitors, etc.
    Answering these questions will let us to better determine your identity and create your image. We will collaborate closely with you to create a visual that reflects perfectly the vision you have of your brand.
    We will also help you to identify your competitors, and establish a comparison, thus we could 
    find the best way to distinguish your brand with a remarkable image.

  • Research and Creation

    This might be the longest phase. We need to transcribe your ideas in concrete proposals and we have to be creative. Generally, we work on several proposals that we will gradually modify in order to include your comments.

  • Validation

    Once the design of your document is completed, we will ask you to validate it formally. This step will confirm your choice and will allow us to start tthe final document for printing. It is also when we confirm the type of paper will be used: weight, type of film (selective, matte, glossy, ..), and the amount of impressions.

  • Preparation for printing

    This step is essential to transform the files into a specific format for printing. The process is very specific and can only be designed via professional graphics software. In general, these are high resolution .pdf files.

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Tell us about your project or just ask for advice. We will be here for you.