Visual for Orlab


Orlab is an avantgarde company. They developed a cosmetic machine to produce individual tailor-made skincare products on the spot. This machine is embedding a skin scan technology and proprietary...
Logo KureBoutique

Kure Boutique

KURE BOUTIQUE is a Luxury beauty concept Boutique in Tel Aviv, If you need pedicure, manicure, anti-aging treatment, laser hair removal, eyelashes and massage. We created 4 new products: foot cream,...


10Ten is a fuel station group based in Israel. I worked for 2 years with all the services to create all the communication support for marketing, retail, human...
Bnai Brith

Bnai Brith

Founded in 1843, Bnai Brith is an international leader in advancing human rights; Israel advocacy; ensuring access to safe and affordable housing for seniors; providing aid and disaster relief. Wherever there...
Logo Design MuzicWise


MuzicWise is a smart digital platform, providing creative, integrated solutions to all music sync industry needs. It enables any artist in the world to distribute their music composition. Without risk whatsoever,...
Zippear Logo


If you struggle with tangled earphones or cords, check out Zippear. It’s a pack of magnets that fit over most earphone cords, letting you neatly fold or adjust the length...
Logo Avi Sofer | אבי סופר

Avi Sofer

Avi Sofer is the cheapest electricity store. Electric products from the world's leading brands, we are sold at the most cheap prices. Design of Ads for the electronic stores...
bluebike - water cycling


Blue Bike is a cross over between a cardio fitness studio and a spa therapy center, based in New York City. Underwater cycling with hydro massage jets in individual...
My work fo Lessismore - BDO consulting


Lessismore is part of the BDO Consulting Group, one of the leading consulting firms in Israel. For 7 years I worked as a freelance graphic designer. Let's see a...